Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone brought in 2012 with a bang! 
Jared was able to be home to bring in the new year so we decided to have a party at our new house in Belgrade. This was the first time we have had a bunch of people over so it was kind of fun to entertain that way and have the room :) 

The Party was pretty low key, we had about 12-15 good friends over. we served Burgers and Brats, played Just Dance in the living room on the wii, and had beer pong in the garage. It was great! Everyone gathered in the living room and we toasted and watched the ball drop. Kisses and hugs all around! 
 My New Friend Andrea whom I met from work
 Her Husband Brooks

As Usual, Tico is wildly popular at the party :)

 Group Kitchen Conversation. 
Nick & Nicole
The Makeshift Pong table

We are still fully stocked and ready for another party! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!  Make 2012 GREAT!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Random Recent Pictures

New Lamp & Lantern for my bedroom. I love them, they are a cheap ross find. :)

 Channy & I at the Nutcracker Ballet. 
 The Christmas Stroll Downtown Bozeman. 

 The Junkyard Bistro in Salmon Idaho. Delicious food!
 Channy in her Birthday Poncho :)
 Hair I did. 
 Crayon Art I made
Our Christmas Tree
Snow love that Jared left for me by my car
Snow storm. 
Beautiful Snow covered Tree's
Icy River
Inside a car wash
Will's eye. Testing out my new lenses
Morning sunrise
NIght sky Fish eye lens
Car Wash

Jared's early Christmas

We had to get Jared and early Christmas gift this year...A BRAND NEW CAR! (I totally said that out loud like I was on the price is right) 
His truck has been giving him a lot of problems since we moved to Montana, and we have definitely have put more money into it than the dang thing is even worth. So when he came home from ND and it broke again he was upset that he had to fix it again. When he told me I just looked at him and said " Like hell you are paying to fix it again, I would rather put money into a new car payment then have to pay to fix that truck every time you come home."  He said"  Are you serious?! really?" and after that we had two days to find, get a loan, and buy a new car. I think we found a pretty dang nice one if I do say so myself. 

It's a 2010 Ford Focus :)

He also got a European Mount of his first Bull Elk ever. He was super happy